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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Your lips are the most exquisite and sensual part of your body. Make the most of them.��

Your lips. They're undoubtedly the most exquisite and sensual part of your body. They provide pleasure, and they provide function. You talk, eat, pout and kiss with them. And best of all, they can smile and brighten up a room.��

Lips are delicate, sensitive and are the first to show signs of bruising. So if you chew them, lick them and pick at them just to amuse yourself, stop now. Here's how to treat them with the care they deserve.��


1. Add brushing your lips to your morning ritual. Apply Vaseline to lips and brush lightly with a soft toothbrush to get rid of dead skin. Follow up with another coat of Vaseline or lip balm.�

2. Apply a generous coat of lip balm before turning in for the night. If you've run out of lip balm or Vaseline, a great substitute is eye cream.�

3. If you're gonna be out in the sun, apply a moisturising lipstick with sun-block. Just because lips don't tan doesn't mean the sun's rays don't harm them.�

4. Turn your old lipsticks into new pots of lip-gloss. Simply scrape lipstick out of the tube and place it in a tiny box. Add an equal amount of Vaseline and microwave it for about 30 seconds. Stir until it's smooth, let it cool and apply your lip-gloss.�

5. Every once in a while you'll notice that while applying lipstick, tiny vertical lines show up. Simply apply lipstick vertically instead of horizontally to make these lines less noticeable.�

6. Do you hate the dry-lips feel you get when you've applied matte lipstick? Try this: apply your regular moisture-rich lipstick and top it off with a lip pencil.�

7. Similarly, if you want your lipstick to last longer, first coat lips with a liner and then apply your lipstick.�

8. If your lip pencil is hard, simply apply lip balm before applying the pencil.�

9. Chill too-soft pencils in the fridge for about half an hour. This makes them easier to sharpen and apply.�

10. Do you stay miles away from red lipstick? And are all those tubes just lying and rotting at the bottom of your dresser drawer? Pull 'em out! Applying a touch of brown lipstick to red lip colour plays down the red, and looks great. Experiment a little with reds and other shades. You'll be surprised at the results!��

11. Carry some lipstick with you and keep reapplying during the day. Colour on your lips brightens up your face like nothing else can.��

12. If you're plagued by dark, almost black lips, here's what you could do: Mix equal amounts of almond oil, glycerin and honey with rose water, shake well and apply.��

Do your thin lips have you down in the mouth? Cheer up! Here's how to fool Mother Nature.��

13. Apply a light shade of lipstick (darker tones make lips appear smaller). Define lips with a pencil, but for heaven's sake, do NOT go outside your natural lip line. Apply the liner to the outermost edge of your lips and fill in with lipstick.��

14. Drawing a line with brown pencil on the center of the upper lip, and then applying your lipstick will also make your top lip look fuller.��
Glossy lipsticks and frosty shades make lips look fuller, while matte shades make lips look thinner.�

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