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Friday, February 22, 2008

Meditation - Movement Meditation

Meditation is one of the five principles of yoga. It an important tool to achieve mental clarity and health. An overview of the different beginner and advanced meditation techniques will aid in choosing the right meditation exercise for you.

Like the Eastern discipline of yoga, movement meditation combines breathing and gentle, flowing movements to create a meditative state. It appeals especially to those who tend to achieve a meditative state of mind by moving their bodies. Movement meditation allows a person to draw in qi energy from the Earth, which many healers-such as acupuncturists, acupressurists and some massage therapists-regard as the essential life force. Movement meditation is excellent to do first thing in the morning and can also be a prelude to prayer or another form of meditation.

Movement Meditation

Center and concentrate. Take several deep, cleansing breaths. Then, move into a relaxed, squatting stance with your knees slightly bent and your hips and pelvis loose. Center yourself by visualizing your feet connected to the soil. Visualize the center of the Earth, from which we draw energy. Concentrate upon and honor the Earth.Focus your awareness. Gently move your body in an undulating, snakelike swaying motion. See yourself as a flower opening up or as an animal moving through the brush. Dance, if you like.

If it pleases you, use sound or music to focus your attention on the movement and on the vibration. Allow yourself to get lost in the sense of movement and the beauty of your body as it moves. Feel the areas of your body that are tight and let the movement loosen them up.

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