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Saturday, February 23, 2008


Hi, I have a problem with my skin. I have pimples on my back and also have pimple marks. Can you please suggest something to cure my problem?
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Every minute our skin sheds millions of dead cells. Instead of simply falling off and giving way to fresh cells underneath, these dead cells hang on, causing innumerable skin problems. The solution to most of these problems lies in exfoliation.

Often, when we apply soap to our bodies, it is not sufficient to remove all the layers of dirt, oil, dead skin cells and sebum blocking our pores. Although it is easy enough to clean the face well with a face wash as we tend to spend a minute or so scrubbing it, the same does not hold true for our entire body. Most of us just layer on the soap and wash it off. While we may spend more time cleaning our hands and stomach with the soap, we tend to neglect our back. This leads us to develop unsightly pimples and boils on the back, and if you live in a warm and humid climate, you will be especially prone to such pimples. Readers often write in and ask me what they can do to cure such skin problems. The answer lies in exfoliation. All you need to do is to scrub your back with a loofah or washcloth when in the shower. Apply soap, scrub your entire body well, concentrating on your back, and wash off. Your soap will also foam up much more, with the result that you will need to use less soap while bathing!

Scrub your entire body, not just the back. Remember to scrub towards the heart, which means up from the legs and stomach, and down from the shoulders.

The benefits of scrubbing are many. Not only does it clean up the skin completely, clearing out pores and enabling your body to pump out toxins more effectively, but it also reduces the likelihood of developing unsightly cellulite. In addition, scrubbing pumps up blood circulation and aids blood flow to the heart.

Treat your body to a wonderful spa-like salt scrub. Salt scrubs are famous for their ability to transform even dry, coarse skin into soft, glowing skin. You will need:

1 cup sea salt
Enough water or oil to form a paste. Oil is preferable to water.

Dampen your entire body and then massage this mixture all over. You should enlist the help of a masseur or your spouse to do this. Once you have applied this mixture on your entire body, take a loofah and start scrubbing in a circular motion, working the mixture into your skin. Work upwards, beginning at the feet. After a half an hour massage, take a shower with warm water, and towel dry. Your skin will feel incredibly soft, and will be glowing with richness! For maximum benefit, do this on a weekly basis, and if that is not possible, do this at least once a month.

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