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Monday, March 24, 2008

acidic and alkaline food in yoga!

It is known that all the organs of the body receive nourishment and vitality through the bloodstream. According to Ayurveda, human food may be divided into two groups: alkaline and acid. One group produces predominantly alkaline blood, and the other predominantly acid.The function of acid blood is to provide the body with energy and to make good its deficiencies. Alkaline blood nourishes the organs, such as the nerves, glands, bones, marrow, etc. It is also the force motivating these organs; it maintains the human machine in working order, both physically and mentally. It destroys germs and protects the body from illness.Opinions vary between modern dietitians as to the exact proportion of acid or alkaline blood required by the human body. Some think it should be 80% alkaline and 20% acid, while others consider that the alkaline blood should be 75% and the acid 25%.According to the masters of Ayur-Yoga, 60 to 70% alkaline constitutes satvik blood (the purest category of blood). If the proportion of alkaline falls below 60 to 50%, the blood falls into the rajasik category (medium category). If the proportion is below 50%, the blood is tamasik (inferior category), and serious illness is entailed. It means that the blood is excessively acid, to the detriment of the alkaline element. This is why we should take great care to keep the equilibrium of the blood by regulating our diet and knowledge of the foods, which contain predominantly alkaline elements

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