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Friday, April 18, 2008

Padangusth Asana

Pacifies And Calms: Under Compilation

Padangusth Asana:

Sit On The Ground, With The Right Ankle Placed On The Left Thigh And The Whole Body Raised Above The Ground.

The Hands Should Be Placed On The Waist And The Whole Body Maintained In That Posture.

The Asana Should Be Repeated By Supporting The Body On The Right Foot For The Same Period As On The Left Foot.

It Is To Be Noted That In This Asana The Whole Weight Ought To Be On The Toes. The Asana Should Be Learned Under The Expert Supervision Of A Guru And Performed Carefully.


The Practice Of This Asana Helps In The Attainment Of Celibacy.

Wet Dreams Disappear After It Has Been Practiced For Only A Few Days, And A State Of Brahmacarya Can Be Attained, Since The Sivani Nadi Or The Citrakhya Nadi Which Carries Semen Along Its Course Is Brought Under The Control Of The Wil By The Practice Of This Asana.

The Genital Organs Get A Plentiful Supply Of Blood.

The Asana Is Distinctive Inasmuch As It Develops Self-Control As Well As Full Sex Potency And Virility.

Every Young Boy And Girl Should Perform The Asana, Though It Is Also Useful To Persons Of All Ages And All Types-- To The Sick And Healthy, Young And Old, Family Man Or Brahmacari.

Since The Health Of The Body And Vigour Of The Mind Are Dominantly Dependent On Wholesome Sex Secretions, A Loss Of Semen Or Of Its Analogue In Women Must Be Controlled.

A Variety Of Circumstances Can Result In The Loss Of These Secretions Through Over Indulgences In Sex, Etc.

According To Classic Yogic Concepts, One Does Not Become A Brahmacari And Unpolluted Sex Secretions.

Only One Who Guards The Sex Secretions In The Right Way Can Be Called A Brahmacari.

Since The Sivani Nadi Or Viryavaha Nadi Is Brought Under Conscious Control By The Practice Of This Asana, Everyone Should Practice It.

The Asana Very Quickly Induces Concentration Of The Mind And Stability Of The Body.

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