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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ageless Skin Care

After using Aveda products for many years I have now come across an even better natural skin care range - Ageless. The formulator and co-founder of Aveda, Prakash Purohit, sold Aveda to Estee Lauder (for $340 million) and started a boutique company for developing skin care which is known as the best in the world. Ageless skin care is the best he’s made and is based on the well known Agel EXO anti-oxidant, the very latest in nutrient delivery - suspension gel technology.

It’s not just the great ingredients that are in Ageless skin care but it’s also what’s not in it! There are no nasty parabens, no sodium lauryl sulfate, no lanolin, no mineral oils, all of which are found in a lot of skin care products.

This is a single product range suitable for all skin types because it has been formulated to normalize the skin surface, pH and skin cell turnover.

Other products on the market are looking for a quick fix to reduce wrinkles and other signs of ageing whereas Ageless skin care is a long term solution. Check it out, it really is amazing!

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