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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Essential Oil Properties

This list of essential oil properties will help you understand the various terms you may find throughout this Blog/Website.

Term Explanation
Abortive Causing abortion, arresting development
Analeptic Restores vitality and stimulates the functioning of different systems of the body
Analgesic Removes pain, pain killer
Antibiotic Combats infection to the body
Antiemetic Reduces vomiting
Antiphlogistic Reduces inflammation
Antipruritic Relieves itching
Antiseptic That which destroys and prevents the development of microbes
Antispasmodic Prevents spasms, convulsions, nervous disorders
Antiviral Controls virus organisms
Astringent Having the ability to draw together or contract the organic tissues
Balsamic That which softens phlegm and is healing and soothing
Bechic Eases coughing
Calming Tranquillizing
Cardiotonic Tones up the heart
Carminative Relieves flatulence
Cholagogue Increases the flow of bile by stimulating evacuation of the gall bladder
Cholerectic Stimulates the flow of bile
Cicatrisant Helps the formation of scar tissue
Cytophylactic Encourages the growth of skin cells
Decongestant Releases nasal mucous
Depurative Combats impurity of the blood and internal organs
Detoxifying Reduction or removal of toxic properties or poisons
Diaphoretic Promotes perspiration
Digestive Stimulates digestion
Diuretic Aids the production of urine
Emmenagogue Induces or regulates menstruation
Emollient Soothing and softening to the skin
Eupeptic Aids digestion
Expectorant Assists the removal of secretions from the bronchial tubes
Febrifuge Combats fever and staves off its return, cooling, and reduces high body temperature
Galactagogue Increases the secretion of breast milk
Haemostatic Arrests bleeding/haemorrhage
Hepatic Stimulates and aids the function of the liver and gall-bladder
Hypertensor Lowers blood pressure
Nervine Reduces nervous disorders
Pectoral Treats chest troubles, beneficial to the respiratory system
Prophylactic Prevents disease
Parturient Helps easy delivery in childbirth
Rubefacient Products inflammation or redness of the skin by increasing flow of blood
Sedative Soothes an overexcited nervous system
Stimulating Increases the flow of adrenalin and energy
Stomachic Digestive aid, gastric tonic
Styptic Arrests external bleeding
Sudorific Increases perspiration
Tonic Improves bodily performance
Vasoconstrictor Contracts blood vessels
Vasodilator Dilates blood vessels
Vulnerary An agent which heals wounds and sores by external administration, arrests bleeding

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