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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Half Spinal Twist Posture (Garudasana Standing)

Halp Spinal Twist Posture(Garudasana Standing)
Pacifies And Calms: Vata
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BackGround: Garuda Means An Eagle. This Asana Is So-Called Because In The Final Pose The Hands Resemble And Eagle’s Beak.


(1) Stand Erect, Feet Joined Together. Bend Your Left Knee Forward And Wrap Your Left Leg Around The Calf Of The Right Leg, So That The Toe Of The Left Foot Holds The Right Leg.

(2) Likewise, Wrap The Left Arm Around The Right One.

(3) Join The Hands, Pointing Them Like A Beak And Bend Forward. Repeat, Alternating The Position Of The Legs And Arms.

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