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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Headstand Posture (Shirshasana)

HandStand Posture (Shirshasana)
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Considered The 'King Of Asanas', This Pose Is Rejuvenating As It Works Against The Normal Pull Of Gravity On The Body. It Should, Therefore, Be Practiced With Caution And Step-By-Step. Do Not Rush And Try To Stand On Your Head Especially After The Age Of Forty.


(1). Kneel On The Ground, Bend Forward, Rest The Forearms On The Ground And Interlock The Fingers. Keep A One Foot Square Cushion On The Ground, Between The Arms, If You Find It Easier

(2). Now Rest The Forehead On The Ground And Gradually Stretch The Legs So That The Maximum Weight Of The Body Rests On The Arms And Head.

(3). Flex The Knees So That The Body Rests On The Head And Forearms.

(4). After Some Practice Gradually Straighten The Legs. The Body Should Be At Right Angles To The Elbows.

(5). After Mastering This Pose For A Few Months, Try Spreading Your Legs Apart, Horizontally.

(6). You Could Also Try Crossing The Legs, While Still Resting On Your Head And Forearms.


  • By Rushing Blood To The Head, This Asana Improves The Brain's Functioning.
  • It Boost The Nervous System And Stimulates The Endocrine Glands.

Note: **** Persons Suffering From High Blood Pressure, Heart Diseases, Sinus And Cervical Spondylosis Should Not Practice This Asana.

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