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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pranayam Nari Shodhan (Anulom, Vilom):

Pranayam Nari Shodhan(anulom, vilom)
Pacifies And Calms: Under Compilation
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Back Ground:

Yogic Breathing Or Pranayaam Revitalises The Body Steadies The Emotion And Creats Great Clarity Of The Mind. Yoga Breathing Exercises Are Performed Sitting Down With The Spine Neck And Head In A Straight Line In The Lotus Pose. Kalpabhati Is A Kriyas Of Purification Besides Being A Pranayama. The Forced Exhalation Rids The Lower Lungs Of The Stale Air Making Way For A Fresh Intake Of Oxygen Rich Air In Cleansing The Entire Respiratory System. This Is A Wonderfully Invigorating Exercise To Begin Your Pranayam. By Increasing The Amount Of Oxygen In The Body Its Effect Is To Clear The Mind And Improve Concentration.

Anulom, Vilom:

In This Alternate Nostril Breathing Exercise, You Inhale Through One Nostril, Retain The Breath, Then Exhale Through The Other Nostril In A Ratio Of 2:8:4. If You Are Really Healthy, You The Will Breathe Predominantly Through The Ida Nostril For About One Hour And Fifty Minutes, Then Through The Other Nostril. But In Many People This Natural Rhythm Is Disturbed. Anuloma Viloma Restores An Equal Flow, Balancing The Flow Of Prana In The Body.


  1. Close Your Right Nostril With Your Thumb And Keeping It Closed Breathe In Through The Left Nostril Counting Up To Four.
  2. Hold Your Breath And Count To Sixteen While Opening The Right Nostril And Closing Your Left With Your Third Finger.
  3. Breathe Out Slowly Through The Right Nostril To A Counterfiet.
  4. Repeat The Exercise But Breathe In Through The Right Nostril And Out Through The Left. Brahmari

Effects And Benefits:

  1. It's A Kind Of Meditation Which Improves Concentration Memory And Confidence.
  2. This Extended Exhalation Makes It A Very Beneficial Exercise For Pregnant Women, In Preparation For Labour.
  3. Sometimes Known As The Humming Breath, Brahmari Also Gives A Sweet Clear Voice And Is Highly Recommended For Singers.

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