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Sunday, May 11, 2008


Pacifies And Calms: Under Compilation
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BackGround: (Lying Wind-Release Posture)


  1. Lie On The Back With The Feet Extended.
  2. The Left Leg Should Be Bent Both At The Groin And The Knee.
  3. It Should Be Held Firm Against The Chest By Encircling It With The Arms.
  4. The Head, The Shoulders, And The Right Leg Should Also Be Raised Above The Ground.
  5. The Posture Should Be Repeated By Bending The Right Leg.


  1. Wind In The Abdomen And Indigestion Are Symptomatic Of A Poorly Functioning Gastro-Intestinal System.
  2. This Weakness Is Relieved By The Practice Of This Asana.
  3. Due To The Pressure Exerted On The Abdomen By This Asana, The Colonic Accumulation Sof Gases Are Pressed Out Throught The Ano-Rectal Passage.
  4. Bedsides This, The Asana Produces Other Wholesome Effects As Well.
  5. It Develops The Buttocks, The Circulation Of Blood In The Lower Extremeties Are Relieved.
  6. Lumber And Back Pains Also Are Alleviated By This Asana, Because The Lumbo-Sacral Bones Get Exercised By It.

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