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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Youngest domino transplants - Portion of aunt’s liver allows child to donate organ to toddler

Shourya (left) and Siya (right) with their mothers at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital on Thursday.

New Delhi, Feb. 19: Two-year-old Siya and 22-month-old Shourya have been brought together through India’s first and the world’s youngest set of domino liver transplants conducted by surgeons in New Delhi.
Doctors at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital (SGRH) have transplanted into Shourya a small chunk — about 20 per cent — of a liver from his aunt, and gave his own liver to Siya who was battling terminal liver failure. The sequential procedures are called domino transplants.
The surgeons who conducted the 16-hour sequential operations — hence called domino transplants — on January 31 said today that the aunt and both children were doing fine, and all three could look forward to normal lives.
Shourya had been diagnosed with maple syrup urine disease (MSUD), a condition in which a deficient enzyme in the body leads to accumulation of amino acids which can cause severe brain damage or even prove fatal. Patients with MSUD have to live on specially tailored diet low in protein and devoid of certain amino acids, but always under the threat of complications.
Shourya’s parents had moved to the US to place him permanently on a special diet for MSUD patients — easier to obtain in America than in India. But there they encountered doctors who had shown that liver transplants could cure MSUD.
“The liver produces about 12 per cent of the normal enzyme — enough to overcome the shortage elsewhere in the body and prevent accumulation of the amino acids,” said Arvinder Soin, director of the liver transplantation centre at SGRH.
But for synthesising this deficient enzyme, Shourya’s liver was healthy. So it could be transplanted into Siya, who had been visiting the hospital since November 2007 and had been diagnosed with a rare disease leading to liver failure.
“We could use Shourya’s liver for transplantation into Siya because other cells in her body will continue to synthesise the normal enzyme,” said Neelam Mohan, a paediatric hepatologist and the doctor who helped bring the children together.
The 20 per cent chunk of liver -- the size of an average adult human fist -- that Shourya received from his aunt will regenerate and grow to a normal size, eight to 12 weeks after transplantation.
Doctors said both children have recovered fast. “Siya’s eating well, she’s beginning to gain weight, and her activity levels have improved. And Shourya is now receiving a normal diet for the first time in his life,” Mohan said.

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