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Thursday, April 30, 2009

The State of Receptivity & Creativity

In the yoga nidra state, the mind is exceptionally receptive. Languages and other subjects can be learned rapidly. Suggestions given at this time are successful in removing unwanted habits and tendencies. Just as you melt iron and cast it into a particular mould, the same way there is a phase when the mind is melting and at the same time you can cast good and creative impression on it. Receptivity of mind can be awakened only when the dissipations are annihilated and in Yoga Nidra we do this by awakening the emotional structure of the mind. Being emotionally receptive to everything that we need to assimilate, we need to withdraw distractions so that mind can flow on one smooth level. Then whatever is impressed upon the mind, becomes the directive, the destiny. Yoga Nidra mind is obedient and hence more receptive.

Man is weak because he is depending merely on his intellect and the information of his senses. But once the doors to the deeper mind is opened, you are at the root of creativity. The practice of Yoga Nidra enables one to receive intuitions from the unconscious mind. This is the secret of the extraordinary accomplishments and the fount of artistic and poetic inspiration.

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