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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Yoga Nidra for Stess Relief

Mental stress is the penalty the man is paying today for becoming civilized. It is true that some people are more prone to suffer from the effect of stress, but no one is immune to it. Only the threshold varies. It has been seen that urban population have higher blood pressure levels. The higher standard of living, higher education, higher incomes and more skilled occupations are associated with higher level of stress. Executives, professionals and people working on jobs with deadlines are under stress most of the time. It has been noted by Russek & Zohman in a study of coronary patients and an equal number of controls, that job stresses accounted for greater differences between the groups than other risk factors like diet, heredity, obesity, smoking or exercise.

Other than keeping stress out of their lives yoga nidra can make corporates more efficient by enhancing their creativity, receptivity of knowledge and problem solving skills.

The research done by Dr. K.N Udupa of Banaras University suggests that stress-related disorders evolve gradually through four recognizable stages. Firstly psychological changes such as anxiety, irritability and insomnia arise due to over stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system. In the second stage symptoms such as high blood pressure, elevated heart rate and increased intestinal motility surface. In the third stage, a more profound physical or biochemical imbalance sets in, while in the final fourth stage, irreversible symptoms that often requires surgical or long term management appears.Yoga Nidra is increasingly becoming popular and is now being prescribed by doctors in many countries as a preventive and curative therapy in earlier three stages of stress related diseases. In addition, yoga nidra is effective in management of psychosomatic disorders that have progressed to an irreversible stage by providing effective symptomatic relief, treating depression and deep rooted anxiety and evolving the best possible outlook of the sufferer towards the disease.
Yoga nidra being subjectively oriented and internally directed, comes as a great savior for them. The ultimate objective of yog nidra goes far beyond rectifying the imbalances created in the body by poor stress management. It lies in actually teaching the sufferer to thrive on the same difficulties, anguish and tensions and positively utilizing tension as a stepping stone to greater awareness.

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