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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Our feet have a tough job. Think about it. We walk around in high heels, stand for hours, tread on all sorts of uneven surfaces, and our feet have to do all this while bearing our entire body weight. So what should we do to treat them with the care they deserve?


Invest in well fitted shoes. If your shoes are uncomfortable, pinch or are too tight, your feet are going to weep. Ideally, the heel should be no more than 4 cm, and if they are taller, make sure you wear them for a short time, and will not be walking around too much. Don't walk around barefoot. Wear bedroom slippers at home.

Foot Bath

Pamper your feet by soaking them in a tub of warm, soapy or salty water. You could do this while just relaxing on your sofa. Don't carry the tub when it's filled with water as you may splash water around. It's always better to place the empty tub at the foot of your sofa and fill it a mug at a time. Place some marbles at the bottom of the tub and rub your feet on them. You could add a few drops of almond or olive oil. Remove your feet after ten minutes and wipe them dry.

Foot Cream

You could follow up the foot bath with a foot cream. In any case, it is a good idea to massage a rich cream into your feet before turning in for the night. Rub the cream into your feet with your thumbs, and pay extra attention to the ball and heel of your feet.


Calluses are hardened pieces of skin that form around toes and soles, and are very common, especially during the winter. Calluses are easily removed by first soaking your feet in warm, soapy water and then, using a pumice stone, gently rubbing the hardened skin away.

Bunions and Corns

These are most often caused by improper and ill-fitting foot wear. Corns can be very painful as they rub against your shoes while waking. Corn caps are available in the market but if they don't work for you, you may have to visit a doctor.

Athlete's Foot

This is a fungal infection and you are likely to catch it if you bathe in a community shower at places like the local club's swimming pool or gymnasium. Your best bet would be to wear rubber slippers while showering and wipe your feet dry as soon as possible. If you ever develop Athlete's Foot, visit your doctor.

Dried, Cracked Feet

Such feet need an extensive moisturising treatment. After a foot bath, apply a thick layer of Vaseline or olive oil to your feet. Cover them with a plastic sheet, secure the plastic cover with a rubber band or ribbon and roll on your socks. Leave the plastic on for an hour so your feet get well moisturised. Don't wash your feet till the next morning. Do this every night and you should see results before long.

Smelly Feet

Feet are replete with sweat glands, and as they stay enclosed in shoes all day, the sweat is unable to find an outlet. This gives rise to bacteria and feet start to smell bad. Try sprinkling a mixture of baking powder and corn starch over your feet This helps keep your feet dry and thus prevents foul odour.

Start Today

Stop taking your feet for granted. Start your foot care routine today. Check your feet everyday to make sure they are fine. Give them a pedicure. Pamper them, wash them well, scrub them with a pumice stone to make sure they are clean, don't walk barefoot, moisturise them regularly, and you should have a lifetime with happy feet ahead of you.

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