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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Look after your feet and treat them with the care and attention they deserve. Your feet, and your back, will thank you for it.

Foot hygiene

While bathing, we often tend to ignore our feet and only apply soap from the ankles up. Your feet need a wash just as much as the rest of your body does, if not more, so make sure you wash and soap your feet as well. Take care to rinse off all soap, and dry feet thoroughly, wiping between the toes.

Keep a pumice stone in the bathroom and every two to three days, soap your feet and scrub them with the stone, paying extra attention to the heels.

Change your socks daily. It�s surprising how many people wear the same socks for a couple of days before throwing them in for a wash! If you don�t change your socks regularly, your feet will start to smell, and you may even develop a fungal infection.

Use foot powder.

Toenail care

When trimming toenails, don�t trim them in an inverted U shape. Trim them straight across without digging into the corners. This keeps toenails healthier.


Don�t wear shoes that are too tight. They bruise your toes and heels, and they also hamper your walk. In addition, footwear that is too tight around the toes will cramp your toes, and may even cause your toenail to come out. It is also possible to strain your back.

Check your child�s shoes regularly to make sure they are not too small. Children�s feet are soft and flexible, and they can easily fit into shoes that are even two sizes too small! But you don�t want them doing that, so make sure they wear shoes that are the right size. The easiest way to ensure this is to make your child stand on a sheet of paper as you draw the outline of her foot. Then, measure this outline with the sole of the shoe. If the outline is bigger or exactly the same size, you should get a bigger size. The sole of the shoe should be a little bigger all over than the outline.

Go shoe shopping in the afternoon. Your feet swell to their maximum at this time so you can be sure that anything you buy will not suddenly start feeling tight in the afternoon.

One foot is always bigger than the other, so try on both shoes before buying a pair.

If you are buying keds, wear socks as well while trying on the keds.

The best footwear to wear is genuine leather. It takes the shape of your feet and moulds itself accordingly.

If you will be on your toes all day, stay away from high heels. Heels are great for short periods, but not for long stretches at a time. They completely change your posture and put strain on your back � and your toes.

Beauty Tip

A great tip for soft, smooth feet is to apply cream � any cream � generously to your feet before turning in for the night. Cover them with a pair of socks. Do this everyday, and within a week you will see the difference.

Give yourself a pedicure.

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