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Friday, February 22, 2008


Everybody wants to dress better, but few know how to go about it. It�s not about going shopping more often, (though that would help!) and it�s definitely not about having more clothes. It�s all about the accessories. Accessories dress up an outfit and can make a world of difference to your look. You could wear the simplest of clothes and yet look like a million bucks. All it takes is a little planning. In this article we focus on bags and shoes.�

Don�t shop randomly

When you shop randomly, you end up spending more money without coming out any more stylish than you were. You come home with more, not better than what you had. Unless you have pots of money, you need to organize your shopping if you want to add some serious style without breaking the bank.�

Don�t wear worn-out accessories

Just as the first step to assembling a good wardrobe is to stock up on basics, it is the same with accessories. If you don�t already have a jacket, the first one you own shouldn�t be banana yellow. Similarly, for formal wear, make sure you have a black leather belt, black shoes and a black bag. If your leather bag or belt has started peeling or otherwise coming apart, it�s time to get new ones. Don�t carry them assuming your outfit is a killer so no one will notice the chipped leather on your bag. A worn out bag can make the snazziest outfit look shabby. So no, you do not need another top, you need another belt, or you need another bag. You could however designate a well-worn bag to casual status, and wear it during the day with jeans (not trousers).�


Spend some time in front of your wardrobe and make a list of what you need. Do you have shoes that match, or do you wear everything with black shoes? If so, then let your first shopping item be a new pair of shoes instead of another top. If you have quite a few light blue shirts and light blue jeans, pick up a pair of reasonable light blue low-heeled sandals that you can wear casually or formally.�

Buy a bag to match your shoes

So what�s next on your list after blue shoes? Green shoes? Wrong answer. A blue bag that matches your shoes to perfection. You don�t have to buy the bag immediately, but just make sure it�s next on your list, and avoid buying anything not on that list unless you need it.� You can now wear your blue shoes and blue bag with contrasting coloured clothes as well, not just with blue.�

Similarly, if you have a pair of red, green or orange funky shoes sitting at home, then the first item on your shopping list could be a red, green or orange bag. Don�t forget to carry the shoes when you, so you can purchase the exact coloured bag.�


The bottom line is, instead of thinking �Let me buy that black bag, it will go with all my clothes,� think � �Let me buy that black t-shirt, it will go with all my bags.� We all know that only a few colours suit us, and by now we know what those colours are. Stick to those colours, and experiment with bags. And if you plan your shopping, this will not work out to be an expensive option. Remember, don�t shop for accessories to match your clothes, shop for clothes to match your accessories, and you�ll come out looking far more stylish.��

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