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Friday, February 22, 2008


Jewellery can make us look younger, older, married, unmarried, classy or frumpy, so pick your pieces with care. Jewellery lasts a lifetime, and so one should not buy it on impulse. Many of us have some jewellery lying around at home, that we don't much care for and hardly ever wear. So instead of buying new jewellery, the next time around consider melting your gold to make something different. You can make something completely trendy and very wearable. Isn't it better that you convert the gold into something new, rather than leave it hanging around in the locker?

Also, avoid the urge to buy numerous trinkets. Many of us spend far too much money on little things like tiny rings or little pendants. Instead of wearing a little ring on each finger, it makes more sense to invest that money in a single, bigger ring. Rings on each finger suit teenagers more than someone in their late twenties or thirties.

For your daughter

Opt for silver jewellery for your teenage daughter. Sleek lines, non-ornate designs look fun and funky, and teenagers love them. They are also not much of an investment. Similarly, don't discourage your daughter from buying junk jewellery. Your daughter doesn't have to wear real gold or real stones all the time. Kids often tend to be careless, so if you daughter loses her earrings that she bought for forty rupees, you won't be as upset as you would be if she loses that diamond pendant. Also, if your child wears fake jewellery, she can experiment more, and get an idea of what looks good on her and what doesn't, so she will be more aware of what she wants when she buys something real.

For a younger look

Silver jewellery makes you look younger than gold jewellery, but don't overdo it. Also, very ethnic silver jewellery can come off looking tacky if not worn with care. For an idea of how silver jewellery can look classy and ultra-sophisticated, check out. Similarly, classy can make you look older, as opposed to trendy, that looks younger. Large stud earrings make you look older than dangling earrings, but dangling earrings are not always appropriate if they are very long. Small stud earrings are perfect for daily wear, and don't make you look older.

For investment

Jewellery is far from being a great investment. There are various resale restrictions. You often need to sell jewellery back to the same shop you bought it from, or exchange it for something else. On the other hand, investing your money your money in a fixed deposit account, stocks or land would probably yield you greater returns in the long run than jewellery would - so avoid buying jewellery you don't need. You could, of course, buy a few key pieces for your daughter over the years, but bear in mind that they may go out of style, or your daughter may not be crazy about them when she grows up.

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