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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Learning Disabilities & Yoga

Learning Disabilities & Yoga Some people have learning disabilities. They have certain limitations on their ability to think, store, process or recall information. Likewise, a learning disability can also affect their ability to read, write, speak, reason, and listen.

There are different types of learning disabilities. They can be categorized into the type of information processing that is affected or by the specific difficulties caused by a processing deficit.

Learning disabilities manifest differently in different people, and at different periods in a person’s life. As to what causes them, there is no particular case. A learning disability can either be genetic, or during pregnancey, the child did not develop in the usual way or it can also be just by accident. However, there is an effective way in helping people cope with their learning disabilities.

Yoga can be a very helpful tool for people who have learning disabilities. By simply doing Yoga Poses, they can feel calm and centered. They are also able to concentrate and focus on what they are doing. Add to that the feeling of relaxation, development of body awareness, balance, memory, and concentration. Moreover, breathing exercises stimulate the nervous system which helps strengthen the immune system.

But we have to keep in mind that the treatment of a learning disability can vary from person to person. Incorporate Yoga in a way that can help with a specific learning disability that a person has. Find a Yoga technique that works for the individual and stick to that. An example is eye exercises. These can be very helpful to people with dyslexia. These exercises can help them increase the efficiency of the optic nerve and relax the muscles of the face.

Yoga can provide a lot of benefits for people with learning disabilities. If your child has a learning disability or you know someone who has, try suggesting Yoga and see how it can help him or her.

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