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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Yoga Facials

Yoga Facials Who said that Yoga is only for the body? Your face can also benefit from the practice with the latest discovery of Yoga enthusiasts: Yoga Facials.

A Yoga Facial is a great addition to the growing number of ways on how to look and feel younger naturally. It includes a series of face exercises based on Yoga tradition. A Yoga Facial can help tone, smoothen, and soothe the face. Some spas and Yoga institutions offer Yoga Facials but the good thing about this is that it can also be done at home.

You can start your Yoga Facials with palming, an exercise that involves rubbing the hands together briskly, to concentrate energy. Rub your palms together until they feel very warm then cup them over your closed eyes. Relax and feel as it relieves stress. Most people have at least a few tense muscles in their face and this exercise will help loosen and free them.

Another exercise is done by placing the index and middle fingers of both hands in the middle of your forehead. Then, rub your forehead by making small circles with your fingers. Move your fingers across your brow and to your temples.

Give importance to your eye socket and give it a massage. Take your index and middle fingers of both hands and place them on either side of your nose just below the bridge. Rub them up to the bridge and along your eyebrows.

These are only some of the Yoga Facials that you can do. You can also try gritting your teeth and opening your lips as wide as you can. Some spas also have a Yoga Facial that includes a lion pose, in which the mouth and eyes are opened as wide as possible while roaring and sticking the tongue out. In spas, they incorporate facial massages along with these exercises. Also, if you are really looking for more stress-relieving facial massage, opt for clay facial.

All of these facials relieve tension, improve circulation, and relax facial muscles. It will also help enhance the general condition of your skin in the long run. Include Yoga Facial in your regular Yoga session and you will surely have a healthy

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