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Friday, February 22, 2008

Meditation - Nirguna Mantras

Meditation - Nirguna Mantras Nirguna Mantras are abstract and form-less Mantras that do not require the invocation of deities. Instead, the use of the abstract mantras is the way for the identification with the whole creation. Nirguna Mantras are said to be the oldest of the three other mantras, originating from the Vedic texts. Here are some Nirguna Mantras:

  • OM
    OM is the orginal mantra, the root of all sounds and letters, and thus of language and thought. The "O" is generated deep within the body, and slowly brought upward joining with the "M" which then resonates through the entire head. Repeating OM for twenty minutes relaxes every atom in your body.

  • Soham (soh-hum)
    This mantra is unconsciously repeated each time we take breath - inhaling "So", exhaling "ham". It means "I am That" - beyond the limitations of mind and body, at one with the Absolute.

    The main purpose of the Nirguna mantras is to unify with the Absolute, Primal Causation, or to identify with the Infinite Nature of the Universe. Nirguna Mantras focus on abstract mantras. These are intended for experienced Yogis. You may want to read on the other type of mantra called the Saguna Mantras which, compared to the Nirguna Mantras, has form.
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