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Friday, February 22, 2008

Meditation -Saguna Mantras

The Saguna Mantras or deity Mantras invoke specific deities or aspects of the Absolute. Through the invocation of a specific deity, one attains self-realization and God-realization. The Saguna Mantras, unlike the Nirguna mantras, are form producing. The following are Saguna Mantras:
  • Ram (rahm) The energy pattern for truth, righteousness and virtue in their male aspect, this mantra is made up of three seed sounds.

  • Sita (see-tah) This is the female aspect of the energy pattern of Ram. It stands for the descent of Prakriti or nature in the form of the mother. It can also be repeated with Ram or Sitaram: when joined together, the two mantras embody the energy existing in an ideal marriage or union.

  • Shyam (shyahm) Representing cosmic love and compassion in the male aspect, this mantra transmutes all emotions into unconditional love.

  • Radha (rad-duh) Radha is the female aspect of Shyam, symbolizing the cosmic love of the divine mother.

  • Om Namah Sivaya (ohm nuh-muh shivai-uh) This is a purifying energy pattern that destroys our negative qualities, chosen especially by those of an ascetic nature. The dance of Siva represents the movement inherent in matter. When Siva stops dancing, the illusion of matter is destroyed.

  • Om Nam Narayanaya (ohm nuh-mo nah-rai nai-uh) The energy pattern of harmony and balance in their male aspect, this mantra is used especially by people in times of trouble, to bring them the strength to retain harmony in their lives.

  • Om Aim Saraswatyai Namah (ohm aym suh-ruhswht-yai-nuh-muh-huh) The female aspects of the pattern of creative energy and wisdom, this mantra is often chosen by artists and musicians.

    The Saguna Mantras aide in the process of conceptualizing and visualizing. These direct the person as a representation of the deity until the constant recitation gives rise to the actual form of the deity. There are various mantras, so it will be recommended that you ask the guidance of a guru. Through constant practice and repetition, you’ll eventually discover which mantra is comfortable to use in your spiritual journey.
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