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Sunday, March 30, 2008


DRUG NAME: Finasteride

USE: Male-pattern baldness in men

Propecia is a medicine that can be prescribed to treat male-pattern baldness in men.

Propecia works by inhibiting testosterone metabolism, leading to a reduction in hair loss.

In three studies of propecia's use for alopecia, it was found that the drug significantly increased hair counts, improved scalp coverage, and increased the length, diameter and pigment of hair.

After two years of treatment with finasteride (propecia), about two thirds of men had improved scalp coverage, about one third had about the same amount of hair and about 1 percent lost hair.

Propecia may not be effective in men over 60.


Propecia is contra-indicated in women, children, and adolescents.

Use with caution in liver disorders.

Possible side effects of propecia:

- impotence
- decreased libido
- ejaculation disorders
- breast tenderness and enlargement
- testicular pain
- hypersensitivity reactions

Side effects disappear after prolonged treatment with the drug, and when the drug is stopped.

Patient information:

Follow the directions on the label of this medicine or as directed by your doctor.

Propecia dose: 1mg daily (taken without food).

Treatment should be reviewed after 6 months.

It may require several months of propecia treatment before benefit is obtained.

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