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Monday, March 24, 2008

rajsik diet in yoga

Nowadays, it is thought that a well-balanced ideal diet in the rajasik category (medium quality) may include vegetarian and partly non-vegetarian foods, i.e., satvik food with concentrated combined products such as melted butter, sugar, sweets, fried foods, meat, fish, eggs, etc. Unfortunately, both these varieties of food are cooked with oil and other greasy substances. They are fried, over-spiced, accompanied with sauces that enrich the flavor but destroy the satvik (pure) element along with other food values, thus causing illness and pain.

N.B. If food is boiled, e.g., meat, fish, cabbage, spinach, etc., the necessary vital elements contained in them are destroyed. Steaming is therefore essential, with the -use of the natural humidity of the foodstuffs and the smallest amount of heat possible.

Yoga allows adolescents and adults up to the age of forty-five to consume rajasik food (medium quality) in moderation. It strongly advises against rajasik for those who are over fifty or have chosen the ' spiritual path and can only cat satvik foods

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