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Monday, March 24, 2008


Vinyasa is the union of breath and movement. It is the transition when you exit one asana and start another. This transition allows your body to clear the energy from the asana you are exiting and prepare for the asana you are going to start.In the Ashtanga Primary series, transitioning between asanas with vinyasa begins after Paschimottasana D. A vinyasa traditionally occurs after every seated asana and after each side of an asana. Our transition indicated is after the asana. You may choose to practice vinyasa traditionally. There are various options for vinyasa which can help you build strength. The options shown are: Lolasana, Utpluthih, and Vinyasa. You may also choose to do a "sit it out" asana by sitting in any cross-legged position with your spine straight

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