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Friday, April 18, 2008

Bhujanga Asana

Pacifies And Calms:VATA, KAPHA, PITTA
Good For: ASTHMA
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beneath the shoulders on both sides. Let the tips of fingers be at the edge of shoulders. Elbows should be folded upward closer to the body. Keep the heels together and the toes flat on the floor. Breathe normally.

Steps of actual practice:

(1) Straighten the head and tilt it slightly backward.

(2) Inhaling slowly, raise your head and chest upwards so that while your navel is on the floor, the portion above the navel is raised up. In this portion your both legs should be fully stretched and kept tightly together as shown in fig. 6.

(3) Then look up into the sky and hold your breath for six to eight seconds.

(4) After six to eight seconds, start exhaling and lowering the head towards the floor and let the head rest on any cheek.

(5) Now let the body relax and rest for six seconds.

(6) After rest, repeat the process.


  • Keep the legs, the knees and the palms in the same position.
  • Stretch the arms. Inhale and push the chest forward.
  • Bend the waist backwards and bend the neck as far back as possible.
  • Look up and hold the breath


(1) This asana removes paleness of the body and makes it ruddy.

(2) It cures the diseases related to the ovary or testicles. It regulates the process of menstruation

(3) As this asana stimulates blood circulation, the face becomes lustrous.

Daily practice: (four times only.)


Bhujanga Asana inwardly activates the whole of abdominal area. Because of this activation, the pancreas, liver and other organs of the digestive system are strengthened and normalized. It is regarded as one of the best asanas for curing constipation, indigestion dysentery, wind troubles, stomachache and other abdominal disorders. It brings flexibility to the spine and corrects spinal disorders and backache. It activates chest, shoulders, neck, face and head areas in an effective way and enhances facial beauty. It has specific benefits for women. Various menstrual problems are corrected by this asana.

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