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Friday, April 11, 2008


Pacifies And Calms: Under Compilation


When This Asana Is Performed, The Pose Achieved Resembles That O F A Human Foetus In The Womb. So This Asana Is Called Garbhasana.


  1. As In Kukktasana, Insert The Hands Between The Thighs And The Calves.
  2. Push The Arms Forward Till The Elboew Can Be Easily Bent.
  3. Then Hold The Lobe Of The Right Ear With The Right Hand And Of The Left Ear With The Left Hand.
  4. Stay In This Position Very Cautiously To Avoid Tumbling.
  5. The Constant Practice Of This Asana Will Enable You To Balance The Body On The Coccyx (Tail Bone).
  6. If Aspirants Experience Difficulty In Performing This Asana In Padmasana Position, It Should Be Practiced Without Padmasana.
  7. While Performing This Asana, Let The Legs Be Stretched On The Floor.
  8. The Asana Should Be Performed For 8 To 10 Seconds In The Beginning.
  9. Later, The Time Of The Retention Of The Asana Can Be Increased To One Minute Depending On Aggve, Ability Of The Aspirants And Benefits Expected.


1) This Asana Helps To Cure Diseases Like Colic Pain, Flatulence, Enteritis, Chronic Fever, Constipation, Etc.

(2) This Asana Keeps The Abdominal Organs Trim. It Cures Gas-Trouble And Increases The Digestion-Power.

(3) The Abdominal Organs, The Breast And The Joints Of The Arms And The Legs Get Sufficient Exercise Through This Asana And Their Ailments Disappear.

(4) This Asana Helps To Preserve The Semen And The Mind Begins To Have Communion With The Soul.

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