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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Locust Posture (Shalabhasana)

Locust Posture(Shalabhasana)
Pacifies And Calms: Under Compilation
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  1. Lie On The Abdomen And Place The Palms Near The Shoulders.
  2. The Feet Should Be Joined Together And The Body Should Be Raised From The Ground, As Much As Possible, Above And Below The Waist.
  3. The Body From The Waist To The Feet Should Be Erect.
  4. In Variation Of This Method, The Hands, One Over The Other, Are Kept Beneath The Abdomen In Such A Way That The Fingers Point Towards The External Genitals.
  5. The Feet Should Be Joined Together And The Body Above And Below The Waist Should Be Raised Above The Ground As Much As Possible.


  1. The Chest Broadens Through The Practice Of This Asana.
  2. The Waist Becomes Resilient And Supple.
  3. It Is Also Very Useful For The Shoulders And Manipura-Cakra Or Navel Cakra.Abdomen.
  4. It Relieves Constipation And Stimulates Digestion.
  5. The Asana Is Easy To Perform And Is Also Very Useful. Women, In Particular, Need To Practice It.
  6. Just As The Locusts Have A Distinctive And Highly Developed Faculty Of Hopping High, The Practice Of This Asana Sublimates Many Of Man's Faculties.
  7. The Practice Of The Locust Posture Affects The Fine Tissues And Haemocirculatory Channels Instead Of Affecting The Gross Masses Of Muscles As Most Other Exercises Do.
  8. The Navel Assumes Its Normal Position; The Asana Helps In The Development And Expression Of

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