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Monday, May 12, 2008

Urdhwa-Sarvang Asana

Urdhwa-Sarwanga Asana
Pacifies And Calms: Under Compilation
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BackGround: Technique: Lie On The Back With Feet Together. Raise The Trunk So That The Weight Of The Body Is Borne By The Shoulders. The Waist Is Supported By The Hands And The Body Is Kept Absolutely Straight From The Shoulders To The Feet.


  1. The Practice Of This Asana Reduces Corpulence And Relieves The Body Of Bad Odors Of Sweat And Other Bodily Secretions.
  2. It Improves The Digestion.
  3. The Asana Is Recommended For Reducing The Waist Line.
  4. Many Of Its Effects Are Similar To Those Of Shirsasana (Head Stand).
  5. It Ensures Plentiful Flow Of Blood To The Heart And The Brain, Which In Turn Prevents Premature Greying Of Hair Or Aolpecia.
  6. Patients Of High Blood Pressure And Heart Diseases Are Warned Against Practicing It.
  7. They Must Perform It Only After These Diseases Have Been Normalized By The Practice Of Other Yogic Techniques.
  8. Patients Of Hernia Should Practice It Only Afer They Have Had Sufficient And Proper Training From A Guru And Then Also In Combination With The Abdominal Lock.
  9. The Practice Of This Asana Immediately Provides Relief In Cases Of Even The Mildest Diaplacement Of The Uterus.
  10. Painful Conditions Of The Uterus Are Promptly Relieved By Its Practice.
  11. Women Ought To Practice This Asana Along With The Abdominal Lock .
  12. The Asana Proves Useful To Patients Of Tonsillar Diseases As Well As Of Ocular Ailments.
  13. It Is Beneficial To Singers.
  14. Persons Who Are Extremely Sensitive To Heat Or Cold In The Feet Are Strongly Recommended This Asana.
  15. It Makes The Back Strong And The Hips Graceful And Well Proportioned.
  16. Its Daily Practice Wards Off The Onset Of Old Age And The Face Glows.
  17. Those Who Cannot Practice Sirsasana Must Practice This Asana, Which Gives Almost Similar Benefits.

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