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Monday, May 12, 2008

Urdhw-Hastottan Asana

Urdhwa-Hstottan Asana
Pacifies And Calms: Under Compilation
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BackGround: (Upstretched Arms Posture)


Stand On The Ground, With The Arms Raised And The Fingers Of The Hands Interlocked, The Trunk Should Be Swung Alternately To The Right And The Left


  1. The Asana Relieves Constipation Very Quickly.
  2. It Makes The Waist Slim, The Chest Broad And Removes Fatty Deposits On The Hips And The Buttocks.
  3. It Increases Height And Relieves Painful Conditions Of The Ribs.
  4. A Special Use Of The Asana Is Made In The Procedure Known As Sankhapraksalana (Conch-Cleansing) Or Varisara, One Of The Six Yogic Cleansing Procedures, Used For The Cleansing Of The Entire Intestinal Tract Of The Abdomen.
  5. This Is One Of The Four Asanas Practiced In Sequence For The Performance Of Sankhapraksalana.
  6. This Procedure Is Described In Detail In The Book 'Yogic Suksma Vyayama' Published As Th First Volume Of The Yogasrama Grantha Mala.

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