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Monday, May 12, 2008

Uttan Manduk Asana

Uttan Manduk Asana
Pacifies And Calms: Under Compilation
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BackGround: Sit In Mandukasana And Move The Whole Body Backwards So That The Head Touches The Ground. The Arms Should Be Raised And Clasped Behind The Head. This Is Called Uttana-Mandukasana.

Technique: Sit In Mandukasana position And Move The Whole Body Backwards.


  1. The Lungs Improve Under The Unfluence Of This Asana.
  2. The Waist Becomes Slender And Resillient.
  3. The Body Becomes Proportionate And Beautiful.
  4. Persons Who Suffer Form Giddiness Must Practice This Asana.
  5. It Is Also Immensely Helpful For The Regulation Of A Displaced " Navel,' Especially So If The Displacement Be Upwards.
  6. It Shares Many Benefits And Effects With Mandukasana.
  7. Frequent Practice Of This Asana Helps In Establishing A Healthy Order In The Flow Of Blood Through The Arteries, Veins, And Capillaries.
  8. It Allows The Breath To Be Held For A Long And Is Specially Beneficial For Those Who Practice Pranayama.
  9. It Is Believed That Frogs While Hibernating Breathe By Upturning The Tongue. Similarly, The Abil,Ity To Hold The Breath For Long Periods Proves Highly Efficacious For The Yogi.

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