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Monday, May 12, 2008

Utakat Asana

Utakat Asana
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BackGround: Utkatasana Is Considered To Be One Of The Best Asanas. It Strengthens Toes And The Joints And The Muscles Of The Feet. There Are Two Ways To Perform This Asana.


1: Stand With The Legs Together. Raise The Body On The Heels And Bring The Arms Straight Over The Head And Join The Palms. Then Slowly Lower The Trunk. This Asana Does Not Require Much Strength To Practice It. An Aspirant Should Only Know How To Balance The Body. One Who Is Slim But Has Strong Physique Can Practice This Asana With Ease And Comfort. Technique

2: Stand With The Arms By The Sides. Lift The Body Five To Seven Cms. Above The Floor And Balance It On The Toes. Slowly Lower The Trunk And Sit On The Soles. The Body Will Balance On The Front Part Of The Feet. The Hips Will Touch The Heels . Hold This Position For Eight To Ten Seconds. This Asana Is Very Useful In The Practice Known As 'Bastikriya'. Slowly Increase The Duration Of The Practice Of This Asana. The Limit Is Three Minutes.


(1) This Asana Strengthens The Muscles Of The Wrists And The Feet.

(2) It Is Beneficial To Those Who Suffer From Elephantiasis.

(3) It Gives Sufficient Exercise To All The Joints And The Muscles Of The Legs.

(4) It Closes The Exits Of The 'Ida' And The 'Pingala' Nadis And Lifeforce (Energy) Begins To Flow Into The 'Sushumna'

(5) The Regular Practice Of This Asana Awakens Kundalini Shakti.

(6) It Cures Fistula, Dropsy, Constipation, Abdominal Disease, Impurification Of Blood, Skin Disease, Flatulance, Heart Trouble, Arthritis And Other Diseases.

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