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Monday, May 12, 2008

Vishtrit Paad Sarwang Asana

VishtritPaad Sarwanga Asana
Pacifies And Calms: data Under Compilation
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  1. Lie On The Back.
  2. The Feet Should Be Raised To Touch The Ground Behind The Head With The Toes.


  1. This Asana Brings Relief In The Diseases Of The Tonsillar Region And The Neck.
  2. The Shoulders As Well As The Back Develop.
  3. The Spine Becomes Resilient Unknown Maladies Of The Body.
  4. Obesity Can Be Easily Cured Through The Practice Of This Asana.
  5. Those With Heavy Hips Are Strongly Recommended The Practice Of This Asana.
  6. It Also Removes Odours From The Bodily Secretions.
  7. It Is A Boon For Many Disorders Of The Skin.
  8. The Practice Of The Asana Wards Off The Onset Of Old Age.
  9. According To Classic Yogic Concepts, The Palatal Region Is Believed To Be The Source Of The Vital Fluid Named 'Amrta'-Or Ambrosia (Which Rejuvenates The Body And Could, Theoretically, Induce Immortality) And The Region Around The Navel Is The Seat Of Scorching, All Consuming 'Sun'.
  10. A Lowering Of The Palatal Region Below The Level Of The 'Sun' In This Asana Ensures That The 'Amrta' Does Not Get Burnt Up By Its 'Heat' And By Spreading Through The Body, Produces A Youthful State. Besides This , The Asana Has Many Other Benefits.
  11. For Instance, It Is Considered Extremely Useful For Patients Of Anorectal Diseases.
  12. Its Practice Improves The Cirulation In The Lungs Whereby Asthmatic And Tubercular Afflictions Are Prevented.
  13. The Asana Is Also Useful Against Hernia. It Develops Eyesight And Clear Vision.
  14. Patients Of Heart Diseases And High Blood Pressure Are Warned Against Its Practice.
  15. There Are Many Varieties And Numerous Mysteries Of The Asana; They Have To Be Learned Through A Garu

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