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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Health Tip: Sleep well

Sleep is important for a healthy lifestyle. Like eating right and exercising, sleeping well is essential to feeling your best during the day. Some tips for getting a good nights sleep are:

  • Keep regular hours, even on weekends
  • Develop a ritual before going to bed so your body gets ready for sleep
  • Exercise regularly to help relieve tension
  • Cut down on stimulants, such as caffeine
  • Stop smoking, statistically smokers take longer to fall asleep.
First aid for superficial heat burns

Hold under cold running water for at least 10 minutes or immerse in cold water. Never apply cotton wool, dressings, ointments, fats or lotions or attempt to rupture blisters or remove anything from wound. If burns are not small or superficial, call a doctor.

First aid for chemical burns

Hold under cold running water for at least 10 minutes so that contaminated water drains away freely. Remove all clothing soiled by the chemical and protect your hands from contact with it.

Fish is good for your baby

Introduce your baby between the first and second year to a variety of fresh fish but check that they are easily chewable and low in fat and sodium. Check very very carefully for bones.

Reducing salt in high blood pressure

Add very little salt during food preparation. Do not add salt to food on the table. Read labels carefully and choose food having less salt and sodium content. Avoid pickles, ketchups, chutneys, fast-food and restaurant food.

Baby's first shoes

Your baby's first shoes should be lightweight, made of leather or cloth (breathable material), definitely not plastic with soles so flexible that you can feel the baby's toes through them. Hard soles are out.

If you are sick and have diabetes

Check your blood sugar more often, keep taking your medication, drink plenty of liquids and always mention all the medicines you are taking to your doctor, as some can affect your blood glucose.

Prevent dehydration in your child

If your child has diarrhoea and vomiting, you can prevent dehydration by giving small sips of cold sugar and salt solution available in ORS (Oral rehydration solution) packets at any medical store.

If your baby is having antibiotics

If your baby is having antibiotics for any reason and develops loose motions within the first few days it is most likely a reaction to the antibiotic known as a 'drug - diarrhoea'. Stop the antibiotic immediately and inform your doctor. While you are waiting give your baby 'oral rehydration solution' which is easily available with any good chemist. You should always keep a few packets at home.

Foods that can trigger Migraine

Avoid chocolate, cheese, citrus fruits, fried foods, onions, tomatoes, spinach, beans, nuts, alcohol (particularly red wine), beverages with aspartame and foods containing monosodium glutamate (MSG).

If you are acne-prone

Avoid oil-based make-up, hair gels and sprays, stress, squeezing or picking at the pimples and hard scrubbing of skin.

Reduce dust and dust mites - common causes of allergies

Avoid soft toys, drapes, feather pillows and carpets. Vacuum regularly and use a damp cloth for mopping and dusting.

Proper length for baby's shoes

For your baby's first shoes press down on the toe of each shoe with your thumb. If there is a full thumb's width between your baby's longest toe and the end of the shoe then it is the right one. The shoes should be soft and made of leather or cloth not plastic.

Your mole looks suspicious

If it has an irregular shape and border, is increasing in size and changing colour. An excision biopsy is strongly recommended to rule out cancer.

How to avoid snoring?

Sleep on your side, keeping your neck straight. Avoid alcohol and smoking 2-3 hours before bedtime. And lose excess weight.

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