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Monday, December 8, 2008

Be cautious with children

Help bonding with your baby as early as the second month by using touch, sound, smell and sight-lots of colourful musical objects as stimulants.

Be cautious with children

If you have children in the house keep all poisons out of their reach - lock away pesticides, floor cleaners, kerosene, detergents, insecticides and medicines.

If your baby has dandruff

If your baby has dandruff particularly when it is caked on the scalp (cradle cap) - wash hair, brush and comb daily with shampoo and medicated lotion until it disappears. A medicated cream with Cetrimide also helps.

Reduce harmful fat in your diet

Reduce harmful fat in your diet by avoiding processed meats such as sausages and salami, chicken skin, fried fish and meat.

Rice based cereals better for babies

The first cereal your baby should have by 5-6 months is a rice-and not wheat based one. This is digested more easily and less likely to cause allergies.

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