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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Eye Floaters

ATTN: Anyone Suffering From Blurry Vision...

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Are You Ready To Discover a Little-Known Product That Will Rid You Of Eye Flashers and Floater... Once And For All?

If you are reading this Post, then I’m sure you have dealt with the:

"Spider webs" that float around in your field of vision...

Strings or streaks that appear when you look at light...

Clouds or fog that blurs your sight...

Moving dots or dust that pop up and frustrate you...

Squiggly lines that move around and take forever to go away...

And if you are suffering from any variety of these symptoms then I know that you are ready to find out the secret product that your doctor never let you in on, probably because he doesn’t know himself!

What Exactly Are Eye Floaters?

The inside of your eye is filled with a gel-like substance called the vitreous, which makes up over 2/3 of your total eye. This substance is actually what gives your eye its shape and form.

What happens over time is that some debris - caused by blood, torn retinal tissue, inflammation or just simple "wear and tear" – begin to float around your eye in the vitreous.


These tiny and microscopic foreign objects may seem like they are in front of your eye, but they are
actually just casting shadows.

These shadows are what you see as spots or lines or clouds.

Eye floaters and flashers are even more common in people who have had:


Cataract surgery

Laser surgery on their eye

Inflammation inside the eye

Most doctors considered these eye floaters a natural part of aging. And since eye floaters are rarely painful – or dangerous –their typical response is to tell you not to worry!!

But you know how annoying and troublesome these spots can be. You know that reading, watching TV, using the computer, or even taking a walk in the sunshine can be unpleasant and irritating. And you need to know that...There Is No Official Non-Surgical Solution That Modern Medicine Offers To Reduce Or Eliminate Eye Floaters!!

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