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Friday, January 16, 2009

Yoga Poses:

  1. Arm Stretch Pose

    This pose gives a wholesome stretch to the body, from head to heels. It increases endurance level & teaches breathing control & controlled body movements. The Arm Stretch Pose is very helpful in easing the joints of knees, shoulders & ankles. It relieves backaches & regularizes blood circulation. Sit on your bent knees with your feet a little wider than your hips & your toes pressing firmly on the floor. Keep your hands at the back & sit between your buttocks but widen your calf muscles to avoid sitting on them. You should be in a position where your arms are touching the floor on your sides, your ankles are outside your buttocks & your inner calves are touching the outer thighs. Slowly, raise your arms to the height of shoulders while inhaling & turn your palms to the roof while exhaling. Now, stretch your arms over your head while inhaling & lock your fingers together. Turn your palms towards the ceiling while exhaling slowly & lift up from the belly into your shoulders & chest with a powerful push. Bring your arms down while exhaling & interlock your arms behind your back. Now, bring your arms back to your sides while inhaling. Repeat this exercise for 2 to 3 times.

  2. Neck Stretch Pose

    Neck stretch pose is meant to relieve soreness of neck muscles which is a general complaint from people who work for long hours in their offices in front of the computers. The soreness develops & is aggravated due to lack of proper back support, improper posture while working & bending excessively & continuously on the keyboard. You can perform Neck Stretch Pose while sitting at your desk or while standing. It also improves blood circulation in the neck area. You can either sit or stand at your office desk & pull your shoulders back & up. Close your eyes & inhale & exhale slowly & then bring your chin down towards your chest. You should stay in this position for 10 to 20 seconds but only your neck should move & not your shoulders. Now, raise your chin & bend your head backwards till you are able to see the ceiling. Hold this position for another 10 to 20 seconds & then come back to your normal position. You can bend your head to either side of you & repeat this exercise similarly. At the end rotate your head slowly for 20 seconds & then return it to normal position.

  3. Prayer Pose

    The Prayer Pose can also be said as 'namaste'. It can be performed while you are seated or are standing. This pose develops & enhances the flexibility of the wrists & is suitable for people of all ages. It is also good for your arms, chest, shoulders & elbows. The Prayer Pose can also be done in the reverse direction but if you are suffering from arm, elbow or shoulder problems then avoid this pose. Stand in the mountain pose & bend your elbows in such a way that your palms are in the front center of your chest. Your fingers should point at the ceiling & your elbows should be kept below your wrists. While your shoulders are down, bring your chest towards the thumb. Repeat this for a couple of times.

  4. Shoulder Stretch Pose

    The shoulder stretch pose aims at the shoulder girdle area to ease tightness from the back of your shoulders. It involves the heels, shoulders, hips & arms. The Shoulder Stretch Pose makes the shoulder muscles more flexible & enhances the movement of the upper body. It also releases tension in the upper back, neck, chest & arms & is especially recommended for those with collapsed chest, rounded shoulders & tense neck. Sit on an exercise pad & stretch your shoulders back while inhaling. Now, exhale while moving your shoulders forward. Take care that your arm follows your shoulder movement & bring your head to the center at the end. Repeat this for 3 to 5 times.

  5. Spinal Roll

    The Spinal Roll Pose is also known as Spinal Rocking or the Rocking Exercise. This pose removes stiffness & drowsiness that we feel when we wake up in the morning. The vertebrae get a good massage while doing this exercise & the flexibility of the spine increases. The Spinal Roll Pose aids in delaying old age & cures insomnia. Sit down on an exercise pad, draw your knees & bend your head down. Join your hands under your knees & round your spine. Now, swing back & forth like a rocking chair while keeping your head slightly bent. Do this exercise for 3 to 5 times & then lie down until your breath comes back to normal. Rocking can be combined with deep breathing.

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