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Monday, December 8, 2008

Babies refusing feeds

If you are an expectant mother drink 600-900ml of milk a day or substitute with cheese - 30gms is equal to 200ml milk.

Babies refusing feeds

Avoidable reasons for your baby refusing to feed could be - a blocked nose, strong odours in the mother's diet like garlic and onions or a small hole in the feeding bottle's nipple.

Babies refusing feeds due to impending problems

Your baby could be refusing feeds due to an impending ear problem causing irritability, fever and even vomiting.

If you have a dislocated joint

Never try to manipulate a dislocated joint. Move the affected limb as little as possible until qualified medical help arrives.

Semi-solids for babies

Baby's first semi-solids should be started between 5-6 months one by one with a 5-6 days gap between each item.

Avoid alcohol during pregnancy

Avoid alcohol during your pregnancy. Its frequent and excessive consumption could cause the 'fetal alcohol syndrome' comprising of retardation of your baby's growth, abnormalities of face and head, mental retardation and abnormal behaviour.

Tips for a person stung by an insect

If a person is stung by an insect on the throat, particularly if there is a known sensitivity to stings, the throat will swell quickly and cause choking. Give him or her cold water to drink or an ice-cube to suck. If the breathing becomes difficult call a doctor immediately.

How to walk the right way?

While walking, swing your arms rhythmically. Bend slightly forward from the waist, keep shoulders back and chin up for a better balance.

Bleeding after menopause

A few years after menopause if you have spotting, scanty or profuse bloody discharge from the vagina contact your gynaecologist most urgently. It could be hormonal but also something as serious as cancer.

Body fat is necessary for good health.

Though a lot of people want to look lean and thin, some body fat is required to maintain good health. It protects our internal organs, helps to regulate the body temperature, and is essential in hormone production and regulation.

Alcohol deaddiction

If you have recently given up your regular habit of drinking alcohol you might suffer from sleeplessness and irritability. This is not a reason to give up on your good resolution. A minor tranquiliser like Diazepam 5mg at night will relieve these symptoms BUT first check with your doctor to make sure you have no health problems like low blood pressure, which could be aggravated by this.

Babies refusing feeds

Your baby may refuse feeds if he has 'Thrush' - a fungal infection of the mouth which is painful and looks like milk curds, white and furry on the tongue.

If your baby has a diaper rash

If your baby has a diaper rash expose the area to sun and fresh air. Avoid plastic panties during the day and apply calamine lotion and zinc ointment. Use plain water to wash the area and no soap because this aggravates the problem.

Swallowing kerosene oil

If someone swallows kerosene oil by mistake do not induce vomiting. This could cause serious complications in the lungs. Turn the patient to one side and rush to a hospital.

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