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Friday, February 22, 2008

Meditation - Saguna Mantras and Nirguna Mantras

Meditation is one of the five principles of yoga. It is an important tool to achieve mental clarity and health. An overview of the different beginner and advanced meditation techniques will aid in choosing the right meditation exercise for you.

Nirguna Mantras Nirguna Mantras
The oldest of the three other Mantras, Nirguna Mantras are abstract and intended for experienced Yogis. This form-less mantra is the way for identifying the whole creation. This will take form and power at your will through constant practice.

Saguna Mantras Saguna Mantras
This Mantra helps in the process of attaining self-realizations through the invocation of a specific deity. Saguna Mantras have different patterns which can create positve energies or can destroy negative qualities in the process of your meditations.

Mala Mala
Literally means "Rose" or "Garland", Mala is used to keep you concentrated in your meditation practice. It is a string of one hundred and eight beads plus the large "meru" bead which is used in spiritual prayers by any religion.

Mantras are used not only in sitting meditations. You can also meditate while walking somewhere peaceful or discover for yourself how it will work for you. This will help you refresh your mind and emotions and give you a relaxing feeling.

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